My goals for this blog

This website has seen many forms since its creation as a static html site in 1996. My goal for this new blog-based site is to write about wildlife research, non-fiction book summaries, data analysis, and research software.

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This website has seen many forms since I created my first personal website while a freshman at Penn State University back in 1996. It started as a basic HTML site that I created in Adobe GoLive. Then it morphed into a personal page using the Mambo CMS, which later was forked to become Joomla. After moving my site to Joomla, I integrated the Coppermine Photo Gallery and later switched to Gallery 3. From there, my site moved to Adobe's MyPortfolio, where I still host my photo gallery. While I still have a photo gallery, my main site has now transitioned to Ghost, an open-source content management system designed for blogs and newsletters.

As a Ghost site, the main focus will be the blog and my writing instead of photography. This is a first for me, and I'm excited about the different types of writing that I will have the opportunity to do here. While I've written many scientific reports and publications, I have not spent much time writing shorter articles related to my profession where the target audience is the general public. I plan to focus the writing on a few main areas:

  1. Site news (such as this post)
  2. Data analysis and coding with R and Python
  3. Research software experiences
  4. Journal article summaries and commentary
  5. Non-fiction book reviews and notes
  6. Summaries of wildlife and renewable energy news

I hope these topics are niche enough to make both the content unique while still being of general interest to folks from diverse backgrounds, both inside and outside of science.